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Professional Speaking


About the Speaker:

Erik specializes in optimizing performance and increasing resilience for groups, organizations, and individuals. He is a professional speaker, coach, and performance psychology consultant at Focus & Flow. His background includes a graduate degree in Sport & Performance Psychology from University of Denver and working for famous author Ken Wilber (leader in integral and consciousness studies). Since 2013 he has been working for the military educating and consulting with soldiers in the US Army in the areas of performance and resilience. Erik has been educating and entraining and inspiring audiences through his stories and the story of science for over 10 years.

How Transformational Leadership is Impacting Modern Age of Business

Learn what defines powerful leadership in the modern day of business and how modern leaders are changing their lives and lives of others through a new type of leadership. This type of leadership style causes change in individuals and social systems while creating valuable and positive change in the followers with the end goal of developing followers into leaders. As a result, they inspire, empower, and stimulate followers to exceed normal levels of performance. This leader masters their time and energy while creating meaning and purpose in the business world of the 21st century. Transformational leaders enhance the motivation, morale and performance of followers through a variety of mechanisms. 30 years of research and a number of meta-analyses have shown that transformational leadership positively predicts a wide variety of performance outcomes including at individual, group and organizational levels.

You’ll Learn:

  • Ways to motivate and empower others
  • How to Improve your persuasion and influencing skills
  • Tips on how to boost business through practicing transformative leadership
  • The 4 elements of transformational leadership and qualities that make a leader transformative

How to Use “The Intelligent Heart” to Increase Business and Health

Learn how to use right brain thinking and develop positive emotions to increase your sales and lower health care costs throughout your business. Scientists are referring to the heart as a little brain because it actually sends more information to the brain then vice-versa. By cultivating positive emotions science can measure your heart rhythms through biofeedback. Your heart can produce an incredible healing vibration, which anyone can learn to develop, that syncs your central nervous system resetting the stress response throughout the body. The heart helps shift your perspective on life by increasing your intuition, which can be used to help make tough choices that occur throughout business. Learn skills that have been scientifically proven to increase intuition, reduce blood pressure, boost your immune system, increase energy, and add spirit & creativity to your business.

You’ll Learn:

  • What Intuition Is, How You Can Develop It, and How It Benefits Business
  • How to Cultivate Positive Emotions to Boost Sales
  • How Right Brain Thinking Can Change Your Business
  • Skills to Increase Your Immune System and Stay Healthy

5 Skills that Get you Into The Zone: The Psychology of Optimal Performance & The Flow State

Over 90% of Olympic Athletes use mental skills training to perform at their peak. These athletes practice mental, physical and emotional skills to be able to turn any experience into their advantage despite stress, pressure, or challenging situations and achieve peak levels of human performance. However, these skills are easy to learn and can be incredibly helpful to not only athletes but for anyone who is trying to perform at their optimal potential. In the athletic world, optimal or peak performance is called getting in “the zone”. In this speech we explore 5 skills that have been proven to help athletes and corporate athletes alike to get in the zone of optimal functioning. You will lean how to apply these skills individually or as a business team which can easily help boost sales, increase customer service skills, improve conflict management resolutions, and reduce health care costs.

You’ll Learn

  • Reduce Stress Levels and Communicate with Customers more Effectively
  • How to Create a Vision and how to Set Goals to get you there
  • Increase Sales Performance by Increasing your Attention Span
  • Create Motivation & Energy to Attract and Keep Clients