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Consulting with Organizations

Performance and Resilience Consulting with Teams:

Mental skills training or performance training helps elite performers and athletes reach high levels of performance under pressure when it matters most.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back, grow and thrive in the face of failures or adversity or tough situations. With its roots in positive psychology these skills and techniques are scientifically proven to increase happiness, develop strengths, and find meaning in setbacks.

Focus and Flow will meet with your leaders and your team where your at to create goals and solutions that can increase performance, impact your culture, or increase your health and resilience. Performance or resilience training can impact high-risk jobs such as EMT, Military, or Police officers, Business leaders or teams, and Athletic teams. Whether you would like to create a more positive motivated working environment, increase sales, save on health costs, or  boost leadership and cohesion we can meet your needs.

We measure and evaluate results through quantitative and qualitative results! Workshops are available in any area of interest from 2-8 hours.

Areas for Consulting or Workshops:

Team Cohesion, Communication, Goal-Setting, Vision Statements, Cultivating Strengths, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Leadership Development, Effective thinking, Focus/Concentration, Energy Management, Visualization/Imagery, Mental Toughness, Flow States (Peak Performance), Relaxation/Anxiety Control, Motivation, Mindset, Stress Reduction through Biofeedback or Nuerofeedback technology